The New Race Timer for your Dinghy Sailing Club

This is the new race timer for sailing clubs. From the outset it has been designed with simplicity in mind- ideal for those on duty once a year. A race can be started by switching on and pressing start and all your horns and lights are automatically controlled. Whats more, you can capture finish times using the handheld trigger, and if you use the Android App, you can even capture sail numbers and syncronise them with the finish times. This means you can import a complete file of results into Sailwave making life much easier for the RO. Once you try the SRC-2 you will wonder how you coped without it.


src 2 system

Sailing Club Electronics

How does your sailing club time races?

Your sailing club has used a stopwatch and manual horn for years so why change?

If this is the case then you probably need at least one more race crew than necessary and have more to do than just raising and lowering the flags during the timer countdown. Sailing clubs that are using a dedicated electronic controller to operate the horn automatically will have hands-free and accurate timing and the sailors will enjoy more consistent starts. It may be that your sailing club already has an electronic timer and knows how useful they can be, but it is a one-off, made by a previous member some time ago, and if it stops working you'll have to revert back to the stopwatch.

You need a reliable long-term solution.

RC-PRO is dedicated to using the latest electronic technology to greatly improve the race crew experience and is leading the way in providing the very best race timing solutions for your sailing club. While highly featured and sophisticated inside, the products you find here are very easy to use and have proven to work well especially for those who may not be so comfortable around computers and are on duty just once or twice a year- a scenario most sailing clubs face.

Latest News

Android App : Capture sail numbers and finish times for easy import into Sailwave

If your club isn't already using an RC-PRO dedicated dinghy racing timer, then you're missing out on some great features. This is a new app which is currently available for Android devices on the Google Play store as a beta version. We are looking for some beta testers to help refine the app and make it ready for general release. The app will run on its own so you don't need to purchase anything, but you will not be able to retrieve any times if you don't have an SRC-2 timer. You will  still be able to record the sail numbers and export them as a .csv file into Sailwave, which is an essential part of the functionality in its own right.

home screen of app

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RR-1 : Radio Relay 1 - Wireless Lights and Horns for your Dinghy Sailing Club

Have you ever wanted to run your start lights and horns remotely over a long-range radio link? Well now you can with the new RR-1 Radio Relay. This unit will be available soon and will communicate to the SRC-2 over a radio link with a range of 500m - 2Km depending on installation and antenna choice. There are seven normally-open relays for you to connect to your equipment. The operation is automatically controlled so all you need to do is wire it up and the SRC-2 will do the rest. 

Here's a sneak preview of RR-1 printed-circuit board. You can see those seven glorious relays ready to make race starts at your sailing club much better!

radio relay v1 00 web

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